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Sporty & Rich


Soho, New York



Emily Oberg of the clothing and lifestyle brand Sporty & Rich entrusted Uli Wagner Design Lab with the development, build-out, and furnishing of her brand’s flagship space. A transparent, classicist cast iron façade and white Corinthian columns welcome you into a spacious interior with wonderfully high ceilings and charming strip wood flooring, all lovely details characteristic of the neighborhood’s factory district history. In the main shopping area’s brick arched walls are painted in bold primaries to accentuate the open space and communicate the youthful, fun energy that defines the brand’s target clientele. Accent colors reminiscent of the ‘80s set the stage for the aspirational customer, eager for a reinterpretation of activewear classics and Esprit vibes. The lofty space has been cleverly zoned to house more than just retail, lending itself to a multi-sensory experience. Additional offerings a fresh juice bar with bistro seating and an in-house Spa for treatments such as facials and massages.

Photo by: Jonathan Hoekklo

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