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Pamela Love


Brooklyn, New York



Our latest: The Brooklyn & LA based jewelry designer, Pamela Love, entrusted us, to conceive her new Boutique in Williamsburg, NY. Looking to design references in Pamela’s work, and of midcentury and Adobe interiors to inform the space, we were led to create a bright, yet soft environment. The material choices of whitewashed rounded-off plaster finishes, hardwood flooring and naturally grained, cedar trimmed precise millwork offer a welcoming & earthy intimacy. Intelligently constructed and generously proportioned glass vitrines inserted into walls and placed on counters offer ideal visibility of Pamela’s sublime product lines. While the wall vitrines are dedicated mainly to her first love of fine jewelry, the horizontal displays showcase her ever-expanding piercing collection. Our space was designed with this newer collection very much in mind. While you could call the front of the store the sales floor, the back area serves as a spacious & luminous piercing room. Comfortable seating arrangements throughout this special, warm séparée cultivate a relaxed energy, and a space for company at your piercing appointment. A hung double-faced carpet functions as the main room divider between the two customer experiences. Finally, the entire shop is punctuated by lush, exotic greenery and ceramic sculptures by Danny Kaplan, that give the space a uniquely curated feel.

Photo by: Jonathan Hoekklo

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