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Private Residence


London, United Kingdom


For a creative couple and their young family Uli Wagner Design Lab planned all necessary Layout changes to their existing home. This consisted of kitchen and bath renovations, and the appropriate modern & sophisticated furnishing of a classical 5-story London townhouse in the central district of Bloomsbury. Finding the right color & material palette, and conceiving of a minimal lighting concept were part of the desired exercise. With these delicate updates we were able to make the existing traditional features and the landmarked inbuilt millwork & fireplaces shine again.

The character of the house is defined by it's windows and casework.
Bringing the function of the window shutters back on all floors towards the street and introducing beautifully finished chevron flooring was definitely worth the expense.
As a result the bathroom and kitchens have gained a soothing simplicity adding to the relaxing nature of this home.

Photo by: Jonathan Hoekklo


London, United Kingdom

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