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This project takes place on a distinct land mass, home to the actual overlap of two tectonic plates. Designed as a ‘tower’ the building is developed vertically with two things in mind. Principally, to create elevation over the ridge occurring between tectonic continental plates, in order to provide a view from a higher altitude. Secondly, to showcase the rare horizontal forces and the sliding movement that occurs at the meeting point of the plates. Located at the European side of the ridge, views from the tower are predominantly of Europe and America. Whether arriving during the day or at night, the structure captivates with its iconic, uniquely skyward curvature. As an anchor point between the parking area and bathing caves, the tower functions as a visitor center. A central assembly area right just past the main building entrance is equipped with a sunken, cozy fire place area for guests to warm up. Guided up a dramatic cascading staircase visitors pass a café, and as they ascend further, finally reach the featured viewing spaces. Here magnificent western facing views are available from a shared platform, and eastern views are also offered in private cabins.

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