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Wine Folly, Portugal 2020

Idea Competition

The Monte d’Oiro Wine Tasting Room for a family vineyard is designed to blend in with the rolling hills of the famous Lisbon Wine Region. The concept of the design is tailored precisely to the location, and has the potential to become the property’s iconic landmark, while still remaining sensitive to the natural surroundings. The views and the landscape are the primary protagonists of the design. The building is intended to mimic the gentle slopes of the vineyards. The position was chosen to avoid disturbing the adjacent vineyards, and to fully immerse the visitor in the landscape. Placed in the slope, below the street level, the structure has a sensual, curved shape, which creates a dialogue with the natural surroundings. The partially buried structure limits the visual imprint made on the environment, and facilitates an all-encompassing experience for the viewer. This approach allows the visitors to have unobstructed views of the scenery, while simultaneously showcasing the most breathtaking vistas of the area. Visitors can access the wine tasting room with an external staircase or ramp which leads to the lower level, designed to enhance a relationship with the site. Circulation through the building is very clear and self-explanatory, making it easy for the visitor to follow the flow of the structure. The space can open up to the terrace in summer days for natural ventilation, extending the framed landscape into a panoramic view. The terrace unfolds down the slope joining the nature, thus integrating the building into the site even more. As they descend, visitors find themselves in a bright, airy room with a central, communal table looking out over the vineyards. Here honoring the Portuguese tradition of community gatherings and congregation. The table is made out of marble and tinted oak wood to bring in a rich and sophisticated feel into the room. At this point visitors can gather around the table to enjoy the wine and socialize. The interior of the room offers a clean backdrop to the wine presentation. The sleek concrete structure and large stone tiles create a calm and welcoming atmosphere in a hot Portuguese climate; a restorative moment from the sun. A geometric, bespoke wine storage unit made of tinted oak wood elevates the design language into a luxurious experience.