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Agnona, Via Sant’Andrea, Milan 2014

In 2014 Uli Wagner was commissioned by Ermenegildo Zegna to design in tandem with Stefano Pilati a new global store concept plus the Milan showroom for their high end women’s brand Agnona. Given design references, that referred to the heritage of the brand and the look and feel of former and current collections, had to be studied and interpreted to create built – environments that would in its best way showcase and highlight Agnona’s exclusive cashmere and leather product. Agnon’s famous black and white sixties photography and originally rather masculine clothes let to a graphically strong concept, inspired by works of Gao Ponti and industrial architecture of the machine age. White plaster throughout creates a soft background to the product, while a blue gradient glass, green and dark metals, polished chrome and cream colored and anthracite ceramic define the complex material palette of the concept. Last but not least does camel colored large scale rope, used as column wrap and on freestanding elements, recall the classical cashmere-coat color.
Next to NY, the first new Flag-ship was planned for Milan’s golden shopping triangle at a location that is already occupied by AGNONA. Uli Wagner initiated the planning for this, in a way tricky but well located property right opposite of CHANEL. The challenge for this started project in general is the relatively small foot-print on the ground floor, the entry/ street level. The actual store rather evolves on the second floor of this renaissance palazzo and is characterized by beautiful, with ornaments painted wooden ceilings. Therefore the planning of the vertical access to the upper level and deciding what functions & product categories should be housed on the lower level was priority in this first planning phase. The results you do see here in a render study.
Under consideration with the client Uli Wagner planned the elevator as large/prominent and comfortable as possible to allow for a quick and easy travel upstairs. However around the elevator sufficient space for a decent stair, indicative product placement and a cash desk was provided. All design elements that were previously found in the built-out of AGNONA’s showroom in Milan, reoccur and create a strong recognizable brand identity.