Design Lab
For Interior Planning & Strategy

Ray Guidance, First Prize 2020

Idea Competition about the future of Fairgrounds & Trade shows post COVID-19, invited by ad-modum, Germany


Fairs and exhibitions industry is incredibly resilient and the need to interact and exchange information face-to-face will result in a quick recovery of the event business. However fairs might never be the same. Above all, we believe, that the ‘free-flow’ of visitors is going to be a thing of the past.
To make every attendee feel safe, there will be a necessity of either more spacious layouts, roomier booths and wider aisles or other measures will have to be adopted, to control the flow of people better.
Our proposal therefore envisions tracking and controlling the flow with latest technology, by using heat sensitive cameras to create a heatmap, showing concentrations of people and which areas to avoid. Its data and constant screening can be read in typical smart devices as an overview and at the same time be immediately visualized by color coded laser barriers throughout the space. This could instantly influence how visitors maneuver through the exhibition hall, without the need to look at the data all the time. A smartly programmed app could alert when an area of interest is freed up from larger crowds. In addition, it could also prompt the user with vibration, when they accidentally enter areas of higher risk.
We see a strength in the combination of media that effects multiple senses, when using path-finding digital technology. We see every visitor, almost like in a computer game, as a protagonist of the space. And the visitors are meant to play along the rules out of goodwill in the time of this pandemic.