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Proenza Schouler, Stone Concept 2014

For the upscale Hong Kong market Uli Wagner created the first store of this elevated type at the urban development called ELEMENTS. With the idea to offer the cultured Hong Kong customer something special the perimeter wall of the project were developed in stone rather in millwork. Similar as for its sister, the millwork version Uli Wagner spent a lot of time and energy in sourcing the right material and studying and controlling an advantageous layout. In this case a rare onyx is replacing the Ziricote Wood on the feature walls and a travertine type stone, the standard wall paneling that was executed in Korelian Burl before. The recognizable puzzle pattern of the paneling and the famous triangulated, laser-cut gate panels, as part of Proenza Schouler’s DNA was maintained from the former concept generation.


Proenza Schouler, Hong Kong 2014


Proenza Schouler, Beirut 2015

ps-sc_07ps-sc_09 ps-sc_10ps-sc_12Proenza Schouler, Macau 2015

ps-sc_11 ps-sc_14 ps-sc_18Proenza Schouler, Taipei 2015

ps-sc_17ps-sc_19 ps-sc_20 ps-sc_21 ps-sc_22 ps-sc_23 ps-sc_24