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Proenza Schouler, Interior and Exterior Façade, Emquartier Bangkok 2015

One project that should be highlighted here in the already comprehensive succession of freestanding stores for Proenza Schouler in the Burl concept is Bangkok Emquartier in Thailand. The mall development with Indoor and Outdoor facades in the sub-tropical environment of Thailand required for the first time a large scale exterior façade concept that would work in tandem with the already established interior concept. Especially challenging in the brief for this project and research for the right approach, was the relationship between given budget and expansive façade area/ surface, that needed to be covered. Despite these constrains Uli Wagner came up with a façade idea, that gave the exterior in the sea of many other retail brand a monolithic proud appearance, and was executable in short time and didn’t lead to any complications in the planning. The rough, slightly grungy aspect of the materials, used for the Interior concept, let to the idea to use on the outside a worn weathered metal. It got rasterized with deep reveals to first give the façade depth but secondly also hide all the joints of pre-fabricated panels. The façade proportions but also the, in its repetition homogenous appearing façade surface allow for an advantageous signage placement.