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Operative, New York 2020

Uli Wagner Design Lab was commissioned to design an office interior for a successful media technology firm Operative. Having recently updated their corporate identity, Operative trusted Uli Wagner Design Lab to match the office design to their new look and layout an executive office on 5th Avenue, NYC.
Well known in the tech world, Operative desired a coherent look with the brand’s omni-channel requirements and aimed to align the company’s communication. From business cards and room signage, to a new representative home, we created a masculine, yet warm and inviting office look for their staff and visitors.
The first design challenge was to create an impactful entry to make a first impression. To screen an existing utilitarian kitchen facing the entrance, the design team carved a circular buffer space between the public hallway and the actual office space. The entry now features a lit brand logo, which is visible from the hallway and curved sculptural metal screens in contrast to a white draped background. The dramatic light creates an impressive entry situation and welcomes the visitors to the ‘Big Room’, which is the main office space.

It features various functions, like multiple seating areas and a lounge for visitors, prominent self-serve tea and coffee-bar with a communal counter.
In addition to these functions the Big Room offers 50 4 feet desk work stations for permanent and hot desking use. In the back of the space, a sculptural wooden paravent screens executive office units, which require more privacy, but still have a lot of light and fresh air coming from a row of big windows on one side of the space.
At the opposite elevation, the office offers various sized meeting rooms, which makes the office flexible for different types of gatherings. Whether it’s a smaller ‘Huddle space’ for co-working or large conference rooms for formal client and internal meetings, the office can accommodate all types and sizes of collaborative events.
For more privacy and focused work, the office is equipped with ‘Enclaves’ – telephone booths that guarantee intimacy for reading, writing, private or confidential calls.
The diversity of spaces qualify the upgraded office as a perfect representation of modern working culture. The design is consequential in style and materiality throughout the whole space and showcases the brand identity and values.