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Napa Residence, Napa 2019

Napa Residence is a 3 bedroom villa project currently under development for our west-coast client, offering high-quality living on a stunning Napa Valley property. The plot is uniquely defined by 100-year-old oak trees and surrounding grapevines.
After careful site-analysis and massing-study we developed the schematic design, following two resizing stages and finally meeting the client’s budget constraints for the inner steel framework.
The scheme respects and integrates all the large trees in the central part of the property and foresees to maintain only the grandfathered large pool from the old tear-down farm building.
This to be refinished pool will define the main building axis, towards which all spaces are somehow oriented to.
The scheme carefully studies the arrival points and vistas approaching the building complex from the drive way.
In addition, the project offers outstanding quality for a calm and relaxing lifestyle by orienting the bedrooms’ private and screened views into the vegetation and stunning valley topography.
The particular climate of the valley, that only requires a sealable building-structure 1 to 2 months per year, allowed us to develop a completely open and continuous floor-plan with a lot of transparency.
Large sliding doors in the central living area allow for a fluid transition between the interior and exterior space, giving the opportunity to experience the rich Californian flora and fauna.
Large projecting ceiling planes and overhangs give protection from the vertical summer sun, while letting the winter or evening sun pleasantly surpass the building.
A clear zoning separation and different orientation of living and sleeping arrangements make the villa perfectly suitable for entertaining and accommodating friends and family.