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Missoni, Worldwide Concept 2013

Uli Wagner was invited to contribute ideas for the new world wide store concept for Missoni men’s and women’s flagship stores. Especially challenging in the brief was, that Missoni was seeking for an iconic, recognizable somewhat standardized concept, that could be applied throughout their flagships worldwide; justified by an easier built-out and coordination in regards of merchandizing guidelines. Simultaneously though a different look and adaptation to their different markets should be achieved by creating environments that were city specific. Uli Wagner’s concept therefore foresees the use of a kit of standardized iconic units, (almost like children building blocks), that could be used in different constellations to achieve different effects and atmospheres within the overall space. The mainly with these freestanding units developed flexible concept, allows for a collaboration with local artists on perimeter wall, floor and ceiling-finishes to achieve also with the built-environment, the rich patterned, often juxtaposed look, that is so typical for Missoni. City graphics and color concept with Anne Timerman.

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