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Marc Phillips rugs, New York 2021

Uli Wagner Design Lab was recently invited to bring carpet vendor Marc Phillips’s rebranding efforts to life through a new showroom design to be housed in the legendary D&D building in NYC. With the building’s exciting clientele in mind, we developed the Floorplan to maximize visibility even from outside the actual showroom. You never know when a rug or pop of color might catch the eye of a designer entering the elevator! With the utilization of large windows and bold signage the opportunity for this kind of serendipitous exposure is created. To further communicate an open and inviting showroom, we took this opportunity to let passersby test out the merchandise. Strategically placing an enticing and comfortable piece of furniture just outside the showroom door, a bench functions doubly as a place for visitors to wait for an appointment, or congregate at a trade event. Once again realizing the building’s high traffic, here is an omnipresent example of the great and tailor-made pieces one can get at Marc Phillips. Upon entering the showroom through large transparent doors, guests are simultaneously greeted by a forward-facing sales team and a myriad of beautiful samples on display. Prioritizing maximum product visibility, the space is also equipped to accommodate sufficient parallel and immediate stock, and can house a vast inventory. Thoroughly interactive, customers can help themselves to check available inventory in any item with a touchscreen TV at the entrance. This way designers on the go, and custom clients alike can access product information. The TV also features an advertisement image for the showroom, once again to communicate to the public, and can be used to navigate the building. Whether exploring the stock independently, or working with a staff member, large feature tables and sliding racks are placed in the center or the room to provide a large and convertible display area for ideal product viewing. Here many samples can be viewed simultaneously to give clients the full benefit of Marc Phillips’s vast stock. We also incorporated book like swinging racks for the presentation of entire carpets. Throughout, the showroom’s general area there are comfortable opportunities to sit and take in all that is being offered. From samples, to colorways, to entire carpets customers have the space to consider the variety of different design options available.  Viewing the rugs is when the space truly comes to life. The rug gallery, situated along side ornate, semi round windows, is flooded with natural light during the day. Here customers can view products in their ideal setting. These huge windows are only found on this floor of the D&D, and create the perfect backdrop to the space at all hours. Taking a nod from the adorned windows, the showroom is finished in dark hues and embraces a dramatic energy. A smart lighting scheme throughout the space showcases products well. To demonstrate how one might utilize the product, there is also a special material highlight of artistically rendered column covers in two types of Maya Romanoff wallpaper. We are very pleased with the outcome of our thoughtful design on this project. Having kept all facets of daily operations at Marc Phillips in mind, we are so happy that the showroom is widely considered one of the most attractive in the D&D building! The owner himself, Marc, let us know he now looks forward to going to work, and we agree It is definitely worth a visit, for trade or inspiration.