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Relais Zegna, Trivero Biella 2012

In 2014 Ermenegildo Zegna engaged Uli Wagner with a partner office in Milan to conduct a use-study for a family owned villa right above the company grounds in TRIVERO, Italy. Uli Wagner’s long year good relationship with the Zegna family from developing their concept with Peter Marino led to this assignment. According to the client brief, the family owned villa, built in a neo classical style with ornate facades and ceilings could potentially become a small Relais/ Hotel to accommodate international guests that visit Ermenegildo Zegna’s factory grounds. Therefore Uli Wagner was asked to create conceptual imagery and floor plans for the transformation of an old and abandoned Dr.’s villa into a 6 room Relais; mainly with the objective to allow for a costing analysis. Displayed here below are some work probes of this study, that included the re-use of an attached ‘Dependance’, foreseen for additional 2 rooms and SPA functions. A renovation of the entire complex should also make it attractive as a venue rental for small conventions & festivities, like family events etc. References to travel, that always had been an informative topic for Zegna’s product development already from the company’s beginning, should be made with antique furnishing and specific decor.

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