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Neo-baroque Villa, Frankfurt 2012

Uli Wagner was commissioned by a private client to aesthetically lead the renovation of a large villa in Frankfurt’s Westend. In order to make this 5 story wing building of an old nun residence useful over the three lower levels to a young family with spacious tenant living above, all floors were reconfigured. The most recent usage from a child-care, that had altered room layout and sanitary equipment, had to be entirely overwritten as well. Especially the ground floor needed a clever concept and floor plan, to allow for entertainment while opening up to the garden and fitting in requested functions like home office and family room as well. As a solution an enfilade leading up to the main living room, and set parallel to the stair hall and foyer, connects all rooms and allows for a pleasant circulation including the kitchen, as the hear heart of a modern dwelling. The, for this circulation opened up view axes are making the usable space appear larger than it is. In order to connect the three lower floors privately, an entirely new internal staircase was conceived in traditional wood construction in addition to the main stair. On a relatively small foot print Uli Wagner sculpted a rather fluid stair that matches the style of the house. The main stair instead is leading up to the rental unit and serving as entry an emergency escape to the owner’s section. Parquet pattern, baseboards, doors and window sills with their particular details are newly introduced to the building, but resemble styles of the epoch the building is originated in.

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