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Chantecaille Office, New York 2019

In 2019 Uli Wagner Design Lab designed the extension for Chantecaille’s corporate Head-office on Broadway in Soho.
Having given the chance to conceive a new look for Chantecaille’s Shop in Shop concept in previous years, this time Uli Wagner applied a similar look and feel to the 1400 sqf extension. Through this remodeling Chantecaille’s large single-floor office space was completely re-imagined. The space itself is characterized by typical, industrial Loft-like features, e.g. the open floor plan that formerly served manufacturing work stations; relatively few cast iron columns and wooden flooring.
The main challenge encountered when designing the space were large windows found on one elevation only, with a relatively deep floor interior. Uli Wagner Design Lab took these carefully into consideration to smartly allocate the required functions.
In addition to the open space, our team redesigned a 20 person conference room for large, semiannual sales meetings. The open-plan space was designed with Chantecaille’s marketing/packaging, merchandising and photo and retouching departments in mind, as they require less daylight.
The office was also designed with an integrated reception area to welcome well known visitors. Here journalists, bloggers and influencers can be greeted in a space that showcases the brand, and what it stands for, under the best lighting. Uli Wagner maintained and refurbished the original wooden floors, making sure to keep the material bright with a light untreated oak wood specific to the DNA. The space acquired a new air-conditioning system and an adjusted and optimized lighting plan.