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Chantecaille, Lane Crawford, Harbour City, Hong Kong 2018

In the Summer of 2018, Uli Wagner design lab made their first real foray into beauty, with the development of a brand-new retail concept for the globally established, & New York based company, Chantecaille.
Based on well-known product-lines in skin care and makeup with already existing table display-systems, and a strong brand philosophy with philanthropic initiatives for endangered environments or wildlife, Wagner developed a store concept that, elevates the product in a geometrically precise & distinct yet warm environment, and tells the story of Chantecaille with their decisive support in global issues of sustainability.
Together with Gianesini Design, Uli Wagner Design Lab created as part of the brand DNA a series of animal icons that exemplifies the many different commitments and universal conservation efforts, Chantecaille has invested in.
The icons were developed graphically to appear in the new concept as back-lit logomarks and with the widely spaced logotype created a stronger, more recognizable unified identity.
The elephant, as one of Africa’s most iconic species, has been chosen as Chantecaille’s main symbol and enjoys Chantecaille’s sponsorship through the Kenya organization, ‘space for giants’.
With the parameter of the first large project of Hong Kong Harbour City, the concept was developed as a series of softly shaped white or varying skin-colored oak counters with contrasting tray-like tops. Their reduced minimal geometry and overall design creates a calm clean backdrop and allows for excellent product visibility.
The tray like counter-tops give an attractive and appealing presentation, while the soft curves make the counters consumer friendly and accessible. The relatively shallow counter depth makes the layout of tight floor plans in retail and duty-free environments quite easy, while simultaneously allowing for sufficient parallel stock.