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Chantecaille, Bergdorf Goodman, New York 2019

The Bergdorf Goodman project is the latest edition of the new retail concept designed by Uli Wagner for Chantecaille. Introduced last year in Asia, Europe and Canada, the department at BG is so far the largest embodiment of Chantecaille’s new look.
The new design has been conceived to express the conceptually compelling brand story to the growing clientele. The concept is targeted to both female and male customers. The store implements the unisex character of the brand in a spatial sense through the use of soft sensuous forms, keeping them reduced and minimal. The design quality of the project creates a very natural confident presence without imposing on the customer.
With this inaugural opportunity to implement the new Store Concept to this location Uli Wagner was able to create an almost symmetrical layout with two large counters; nearly doubling the Chantecaille footprint at Bergdorf. This move simultaneously allowed for the maximum possible display area facing the aisle and created a protected Makeup and Consultation area in the core of the project.
The store ambiance is astonishingly residential. The paravent shaped wooden back wall reminds of a library unit and creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. The soft elements, like the sofa and area rug contribute to this home-like feeling. Attention to smaller details, like flowers on counters and tables fill the space with real salon aura, inviting customers to have a relaxing experience while shopping.
The material palette for the general concept, especially for the Bergdorf Goodman edition, was developed with the idea to offer a warm, for the industry unique, recognizable product background that works well with all shades of powders, foundations and reds.
A flattering light filters through the shop, softly illuminating each product. The rounded edges of Corian counters draw customers to touch the material and feel the softness of the design. This conscious focus on tactility brings a warm material-richness to the interior and compliments the white oak tray-shaped presentation surfaces.
The center piece of the shop is the Eileen Gray inspired bespoke table made of luxurious Amazonian marble. The vivid color combination of the marble gives it a lush and dramatic appearance.
A freshly upholstered original Vladimir Kagan sofa, picks up on the curves of the concept, and appears almost embraced by its surroundings.
The design details serve to underscore the philanthropic efforts the company of Chantecaille is undertaking. Animal icons representing land, water and air, but especially the Chantecaille elephant are highlighted on the counters to substantiate the positioning of the brand.
The purity of the design elements creates a strong visual pull, that makes the BG project a successful example of strengthening the brand identity through design.