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Casa Giuseppe Terragni, Apartment Renovation, Milan 2012

Uli Wagner was commissioned by a private client to design the renovation of a one bed-room apartment in a famous building by Giuseppe Terragni at the ISOLA in Milan, overlooking Garibaldi Station. The space that was badly renovated in the seventies was brought back to its original feel and idea. With the attempt to make the apartment appear as big as possible, the floor plan was slightly altered to a cleaner cut and a more comfortable kitchen and bath. The door openings were brought back to their original height. Newly constructed doors and frames were installed to match the original style, still visible in other apartments of the building. Also hardware was researched to simulate the original. Inspired by the colors and materials in the public spaces of Terragni’s building Uli Wagner chose marbles and stones in the colors from white & grey to green, to contrast with the original refurbished parquet. The relatively large, but unique to apartment, entry hall was maintained in shaped, but specially rendered with a flooring sculpture, announcing the stone materials you would find throughout the other spaces of the apartment. All furniture elements and in-built components are either curated or designed by Uli Wagner.


ma_04-3ma_06ma_07ma_08ma_10ma_11-3ma_05-2ma_12-2ma_13ma_14-22-jpgma_15_newma_befor-16Casa Comolli Rustici, built 1934-1939

The last built of the 5 Milanese houses by Pietro Lingeri and Giuseppe Terragni. Here shown is the original filing plan of the apartment and images of the apartment as it was found after a renovation from the seventies.