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Calvin Klein White Label, Wholesale Concept store 2014

The new Men’s Sportwear concept is meant to deliver a sportive, dynamic and highly sophisticated environment. As backdrop for Calvin Klein’s architecturally tailored clothes the lines of the concept are clean and in order, giving a minimalistic stage to modernly sculpted elements like stealth-fighter inspired feature panels, manly cast table bases and triangulated hanging racks. Faceted and chamfered geometries occur discretely throughout the design, for example at furniture sides and signage. Generous clothing display features are suspended centrally from the ceiling, framing simultaneously animated large scale brand imagery, which is clearly visible from all points within in the store. A grid of large scale floor tiles and a strictly organized lighting ceiling pattern with accents of custom barrisol fixtures are providing a calm pass-partout to the product. The material palette is rather simple and in sync with Calvin Klein’s minimalistic approach. The main colors of the store are black white and grey, used playfully throughout the concept in variations of different textures and gloss levels, occurring as powder coated metal, rubberized surfaces or modern, shiny fiberglass finishes. The ceramic grey floor tiles have a look of natural stone, which is warmed up by an inlay of natural ash wood flooring, referencing the wood specie, which is used on some of the furniture as well.


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Calvin Klein White Label, Antara 2015

For Antara Mexico Uli Wagner developed the first freestanding store with a similar fixtures program that was originally developed for the whole-sale business. The success and recognizability of the triangulated elements like hang-bars and feature panels led Calvin Klein to assign Uli Wagner with this additional project. The aesthetics of this well engineered whole-sale program with fair built out costs, were considered appropriate for this particular market.


Calvin Klein White Label, Macy’s Herald Square, New York 2014