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Calvin Klein House of Calvin, Store Concept, 2014

The new concept for white label life style store is conceived by Uli Wagner imagining the ‘House of Calvin Klein’.
Regained licensees allow Calvin Klein now to display all their white label product categories under one unifying roof, ‘The house of Calvin Klein’. Therefore façade and an almost neoclassical floor plan with a sequence of rooms are developed inspired by a modern contemporary luxurious villa or home of a collector for example. Highlighting a residential feel allows to render the spaces inviting and comfortable. Equally to a well curated living space, product placement and display-features are well studied and positioned and here and there complemented with real art, like objects and paintings, which are precisely matching the minimalist approach of Calvin Klein as a brand.
Entering through a glazed sliding door from a public mall or street space the customer will first visit a large room dedicated to the white label sports line, arranged around a large table like in a dining room setting. The central table and flanking suspended displays are clearly separating sexes, women’s to the left and men’s to the right; a clear distribution that will reoccur in the same way further into the store. Moving further along the central spine, that is connecting the spaces, the central room, at the core of the space, is offering a fireplace and generous sofas for lounging. A coffee table with an integrated pilot screen serves for orientation and allows for immediate online shopping etc. The same central space with a comforting dropped ceiling is housing a hidden cash and accessories like leather-goods, Calvin Klein beauty product and sunglasses. To the right behind the fire-place a room for men’s suiting opens up to the customer, while straight ahead you do find the large generous Jeans room, fitted out with the latest Calvin Klein Jeans fixtures. Like Annexes Underwear Women and Men are developed as separate Departments right off the large Jeans room. Serving spaces like try-ons, return stock etc. are conveniently located to all departments but elegantly hidden with concealed flush doors on service aisles. Elements of nature spread out through the store, for example like a real tree in the winter-garden like glazed part of the façade are predestined for constant change and are therefore rendering a lively & human environment.

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