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Calvin Klein Underwear, Wholesale Women’s Concept 2015

The new underwear wholesale concept is conceived by Uli Wagner lighter and more feminine as its forerunner.
Since probably often used in tandem the interior/ fixture scheme for CK men‘s and women‘s underwear are developed simultaneously as brother and sister, featuring a strong relationship in detailing and core materials.

Like the Men’s also the Women‘s underwear concept found an entirely new approach in fixture sizing and therefore offers new opportunities in store layout. It offers in the same way a new set of smarter floor fixtures, allowing for clearer classification between product lines and more lively layouts. A video equipped fit wall integrated in the back elevation of the shop guides the customer as well and helps to orientate.
The outline or framing is again triangulated, however the material palette is far lighter, reducing the use of black, and rather adding more feminine materials in the mainly white mix, like bronze mirror, vinyl mesh, pastel textile backing and reflective glass dividers.
Store pads are framed by a clearly organized back wall and stronger aisle fixture that are conceived for launch and the introduction of curated complete collections. Well from within lit wall units are elevating the product and are making it look flawless while sufficiently highlighting detail.
Again, accents of warm pinkish silicon bronze and a herringbone-laid wooden floor texture are adding a luxurious touch to the environment.
A new concept of evergreen imagery and new designed Calvin Klein bust forms completing the new look.
Summarizing the interior concept in its modernity will surely live up to the clean modern design philosophy of Calvin Klein underwear.


Calvin Klein Underwear, Macy’s Herald Square, New York 2014

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