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Calvin Klein Performance, Women’s Global Concept 2015

The new Calvin Klein performance store concept offers an environment for a fashion oriented, young, sportive customer. Metallic finishes in different grays and different perforation patterns and scales are creating a brand coherent backdrop to Calvin Klein’s colorful and innovative performance line. Wherever possible, parabolic curves define furniture elements, walls and in additions geometries in flooring and ceiling that outline or encompass two areas of different brightness or grey values: Blackened hot rolled steel wall panels with solid black contrasting circular cutouts in vivid alternating layouts on one hand create the surround for a featured highly curated product display, while bright lit perforated volumetric wall units in stainless steel on the other hand allow for a denser product count. Iconic stepping freestanding displays for folded goods and accessories, the brand specific performance pant unit, display tables and seating are made out of youthful ash plywood. In flag ship environments plywood tables and seating are formed in soft and inviting shapes. A bright concrete finish at a dynamically shaped but open façade and a mix of poured white resin and ceramic tiles complete the unique material palette. Visual elements in context of mannequins and brand imagery exhibit the use of bold seasonally changing color.



Agnona Showroom

Agnona Showroomck_pw_04_online Agnona Showroom Agnona ShowroomAgnona Showroom

K11 & Pavillion, Hongkong 2016

Images of quickly realized projects to test the concept at two locations in HK.

ckpw_20ckpw_21 ckpw_22ckpw_17_hopson_shanghai

Calvin Klein Performance, Hopson, Shanghai 2016

Render study for a further evolved concept.

Agnona Showroom Agnona Showroom Agnona Showroom Agnona ShowroomAgnona Showroomckpw_18_harbour_hongkong

Calvin Klein Performance, Harbour City, Hong Kong 2016

Right opposite of a new Underwear store you do find a rather transparent new Women’s Performance store. Wide negative spaces between 3 arrayed metal clad volumes create the welcoming entrances into this very different, axially spanning environment. The volumes at both ends of the array are equally covered in anodized perforated light metal. Besides regular Front of House and sales functions, they house serving functions like Try-ons and an open cash-desk. The third and intermediate, dark clad volume deals as a connector like passage between the brighter, white entry spaces and enclosed volumes at their ends. Ceilings above and in-between the metal clad volumes are held open and do expose the rough building structure and necessary technical equipment and lighting fixtures, all finished in silver grey. This approach with a clear disconnect of the volumes that have their own ceilings from the main ceilings, give the volumes a sculptural, installation like appearance. Flooring materials interchange respectively between and within the volumes. Simplicity in the general material approach and a graphically strong contrast between bright and dark finishes suggest a lively environment, perfect in a way to house the sportive product of Calvin Klein’s performance collection. Wall and freestanding fixtures are very linear and clear. Wooden layout and storage tables are giving warmth to the ambiance.

ck_pw_12-2 ck_pw_13-2 ck_pw_14-2 ck_pw_15-2 ck_pw_16-2