Design Lab
For Interior Planning & Strategy


Uli Wagner Design Lab was founded in 2011 by Uli Wagner, academically trained in the fields of architecture and product design.
Having practiced in both fields, today, Uli Wagner Design Lab is specialized in the fields of residential planning, work environments and high-end retail design. The firm’s goal is to offer custom and innovative design solutions in all scales of spatial and atmospheric planning.

In the area of residential design, the elements of personality and custom tailoring are crucial, and therefore should not be conventional or clichéd.
Uli Wagner Design Lab’s holistic approach caters to individuality and the specific needs of each client. We carefully interpret and adapt our clients’ vision of luxury into unique spaces that are ideal for entertaining but foremost for privacy and personal refuge.

Likewise, when considering the modern-day realities of work-life balance, and the ever-present search for an equilibrium between the personal and the professional, Uli Wagner Design Lab focuses on the creation and development of work spaces with higher standards of comfort and a more residential feel.

Finally, the studio’s retail work recognizes the imperative of creating highly impactful and shareable brand experiences, while simultaneously contributing to a brand’s commercial success. We believe that all commercial spaces can positively showcase or highlight merchandise, and as a consequence, lead to a sale or order.
By capturing brand essence and identity and translating it into a built environment, we are able to create something unseen, something timeless, neither overly classic or trendy, while also ensuring an unobtrusive but assured visibility of the product. These principles are equally applied to our work in showrooms, and ‘brick and mortar’, wholesale or flagship locations alike.

We pride ourselves on our attention to craftsmanship, independent thinking, an exquisite hand for materials and realistic planning; and our approach to the collaborative process is casual, yet personable. This is key to our success as a firm. Uli Wagner Design Lab has a constantly growing portfolio, which provides a wide-range of avant-garde design solutions. Let us help you to realize your design dreams.